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IMSE Drag & Drop Kindergarten Dictation Slides (2021 Edition)

SKU: DD4610

By Institute for Multi-Sensory Education


Bright and engaging, interactive drag and drop spelling activity slides that can be used remotely or in the classroom. Slides contain audio. Teachers can use these Google Slides to individualize student assignments for independent classwork or homework. This product can be used during remote instruction over video call, in the classroom on a Smartboard, on a computer, on a laptop, or on a tablet. Students can use moveable, virtual stickers to spell words. Spelling concepts are organized by concept and align with IMSE’s scope and sequence for dictation. A video tutorial with directions and tips for use is included in the purchase.

Concepts: One-syllable CVC words with Cc /k/, Oo /?/, Aa /?/, Dd /d/, Gg /g/, Mm /m/, Ll /l/, Hh /h/, Tt /t/, Ii /?/, Jj /j/, Kk /k/,Pp /p/, Ch /ch/, Uu /u/, Bb /b/, Rr /r/, Ff /f/, Nn /n/, Ee /?/, Ss /s/, Sh /sh, Th /th/ voiced, Ww /w/, Wh /w/, Y /y/, Vv, /v/, Xx /x/, Zz /z/, Th /th/ unvoiced, Qu /kw/