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Michigan educators have an opportunity to take IMSE training free of charge through the 35d Grant. Find out morehere.



Parent Video (English) and OG in a Bag Bundle

SKU: V-PT-eng w OG


This 2-hour asynchronous video training covers foundational reading skills in a hands-on training for parents of beginning readers. Learn the alphabet sounds, phonological awareness skills, and how children learn to read and write words and sentences!

You will receive:

  • Access to a 2-hour teacher-led video that you can pause and rewatch as often as needed through your account
  • Fun activity ideas to help teach and empower your child
  • Follow along with custom made Google Slides that have activities to play with your children and watch videos of seeing IMSE’s OG in action.
  • Includes Student OG in a Bag - a bag of essential tools to teach letters and sounds (see below)
  • Children will be able to learn letter formation and write and read words and sentences!


  • Card Pack 
  • Sensational Sand Tangerine/Green Mini
  • Sensational Sand Tray with sealable storage bag
  • Red & Green crayons 1 each
  • Tiles 2 each of 5 colors
  • Desktop Essentials (Elkonin boxes, vowel cards, house paper, alphabet strip, fingertapping cards) 
  • Red Word Booklet- for irregular words (once, does..)
  • Multi-sensory Screen
  • Dry Erase Paddle and Marker