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New to IMSE’s Structured Literacy Program?

IMSE’s free Comprehensive and Intermediate Training Overview is a 20-minute introduction to IMSE's Comprehensive and Intermediate Orton-Gillingham trainings.

This overview will give you a brief insight into the content and format of this course as well as how IMSE is delivering our trainings in a virtual setting.

Watch the IMSE Training Video Overview Today!

Free Comprehensive and Intermediate Training Video Overview

This video is hosted by Amy Gulley, a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT), IDA Certified Dyslexia Specialist (CDS) and Level 5 Master Instructor with IMSE.

Watch this video to gain insight on:

  • IMSE’s Orton-Gillingham Approach
  • Tools and Tactics Taught in Trainings
  • The Structure of IMSE Comprehensive and Intermediate Trainings

Learn How You Can Start Making a Difference Today!

Thanks for your interest in learning more about IMSE’s IDA-accredited literacy program.

For your students, better literacy instruction can’t wait. After a one-week training with IMSE’s certified and experienced instructors, educators are ready to teach Structured Literacy and make an impact with students day one.