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  • "The IMSE program has truly been transformative for me, equipping me with the necessary tools to effectively address reading gaps in children. Through IMSE, I now feel empowered to co-teach in general education classrooms with confidence, knowing that I am capable of reaching every student. The ability to delve into the morphology of words has enabled me to help students dissect and comprehend words on a deeper level than ever before. Witnessing students achieve more than a year's worth of growth in just half a year has been truly remarkable! "

  • Cucamonga Local School District Cucamonga, CA

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  • Central Point Elementary School Central Point, OR

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  • Coeur d’Alene School District Coeur d'Alene, ID

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  • Mountain Mahogany Community School Albuquerque, NM

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  • Washington Local School District Toledo, OH

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  • A New Lens on Early Intervention and Early Literacy

  • Independent School District 318 Grand Rapids, MN

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  • "We recognized we weren’t just investing in our students’ success, we were investing in our teachers. We trained all of our pre K through second grade staff, and special education teachers, no matter the grade level, so they could implement it as far as they needed to, as well as all of our academic support staff. There is the misconception that when you hear Orton-Gillingham, traditionally you would think of it as being a remedial program for students that were struggling. The beauty of this program is it’s going to help those students, but it’s going to help the rest of the population as well. The students are engaged, not losing focus, and they are carrying what they are learning into other disciplines. The special education teachers are thrilled that there is a program that they know works with their students but at the same time they’ll be able to experience it in the regular classroom as well."

  • Special Education Teacher Sees Results After IMSE Training

  • "When school ended for us in March of 2020 due to Covid I decided to use my time and signed up for your Comprehensive Virtual IMSE OG training. Best time and money I ever spent! Western Primary started the 2020 school year day one with a blended learning option. We had to follow very strict Ohio Covid restrictions. My new OG training and IMSE Customizable K and 1st grade slide sets, and your decodable books saved the day. I follow your direct, explicit, sequential instruction book. The slides have brought joy and learning growth based on the science of reading. I have had the best Tier 2 intervention I have ever had in 35 years of teaching. I am also proud to say that our K to 3rd grade teachers will be taking your awesome training this spring and summer. Your hard work and dedication to our students is greatly appreciated."

  • "I would absolutely recommend this training to anybody. I saw the results so quickly… it made me more confident as an educator and I’ve watched the confidence in my students go up… I’ve been to many trainings where you go back to the classroom and you’re not really sure how to incorporate it into your classroom. With IMSE, it’s so different. I saw the results so quickly. If you stick with it, IMSE is so supportive and helpful."

  • Fountain-Fort Carson Empowers Teachers with IMSE OG Fountain-Fort Carson Empowers

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  • Bergen Meadow Primary School Evergreen, CO

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  • Interboro School District Sees Results with IMSE’s OG Approach

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  • “The Comprehensive and PA trainings are two of the most informative, engaging and applicable trainings I have received in my 13 years of teaching elementary students. The presenters were wonderful resources and did a great job of explaining different concepts and how they tie together. I was able to immediately implement the curriculum in my classroom and my struggling readers are making steady, consistent growth. Most importantly, they are seeing that growth and gaining confidence in their reading abilities! These trainings also helped me grow in my ability to effectively teach ALL of my students to read.”

  • "This program was essential for how I ran my classroom and for supporting my students. As a special education teacher, I found the education on reading support and students with dyslexia very lacking in my degree program. The IMSE training filled this major gap. I teacher special education resource from 5th-8th grade and students have such a wide range in ability in this program. Both of the IMSE programs for comprehensive training and intermediate training caters to differentiating to meet student needs and it supports their enhanced reading education. Some students need support that can only be provided through the material in the comprehensive course, and they are working on more of the basic materials. Some of the students have that down, but still struggle with their reading/writing skills, so the information about prefixes, suffixes, and roots in the intermediate training is essential to their success. Since I have started implementing IMSE techniques with fidelity, students have made major growth in reading fluency, decoding, and comprehension. It's amazing to watch the growth and to have the correct tools to track the growth with this evidence based program. "

  • "Schools in our region in Nebraska have found that the combination of strong Science of Reading training through LETRS and the IMSE's Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus training has provided teachers the knowledge, skills and materials they have been craving. The combination provides a cumulative scope and sequence, lesson plans and the knowledge to make strong, research supported decisions about how to teach students with varying ranges of reading/spelling needs. We have also noticed that intervention planning and support is so much more aligned for students when all staff (General Education and Special Education) have the same knowledge, skills and scope and sequence to use as a guide. "


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IMSE's approach is based on the Science of Reading and we have conducted several research reports that show our program's effectiveness for all student. Check them out today!

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