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"We recognized we weren’t just investing in our students’ success, we were investing in our teachers. We trained all of our pre K through second grade staff, and special education teachers, no matter the grade level, so they could implement it as far as they needed to, as well as all of our academic support staff. There is the misconception that when you hear Orton-Gillingham, traditionally you would think of it as being a remedial program for students that were struggling. The beauty of this program is it’s going to help those students, but it’s going to help the rest of the population as well. The students are engaged, not losing focus, and they are carrying what they are learning into other disciplines. The special education teachers are thrilled that there is a program that they know works with their students but at the same time they’ll be able to experience it in the regular classroom as well."

Flora Encarnacao K-3 reading teacher , Kearny School District

"I can't speak highly enough about this training. I finally feel confident about teaching my struggling readers. This is such a wonderful program."

Jenna Teacher

"I would absolutely recommend this training to anybody. I saw the results so quickly… it made me more confident as an educator and I’ve watched the confidence in my students go up… I’ve been to many trainings where you go back to the classroom and you’re not really sure how to incorporate it into your classroom. With IMSE, it’s so different. I saw the results so quickly. If you stick with it, IMSE is so supportive and helpful."

Lori Mikulka K-3 reading teacher , Global Village Academy

"In less than a year, we’ve seen a huge jump in our reading benchmarks… At the beginning of the school year, only 34% of our students were testing at benchmark for literacy skills. By implementing IMSE’s Orton-Gillingham methods in our lessons, that number jumped to 84% by January of this year. So, we’ve seen great gains in a very short amount of time."