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Orton-Gillingham for Everyone

student writing on dry erase board adults learning orton gillingham approach students learning orton gillingham approach in classroom

While Orton-Gillingham has long been associated with dyslexia, IMSE has spent the last 30 years advocating for the Orton-Gillingham method in every classroom. Orton-Gillingham is a research-based, scientific approach to reading and writing instruction.

It is direct, explicit, systematic, and sequential instruction that incorporates multi-sensory elements. IMSE's program is based on the science of reading research. 

By creating this complete approach, we have seen the impact that our program can have in any and every classroom

As teachers, IMSE knows the work that goes into making sure each student can succeed. Our goal is to customize your curriculum to include Orton-Gillingham instruction and give you and your students the best chance to succeed.

IMSE uses science of reading research to drive all the instruction that is given at our trainings. We equip educators with all of the tools, resources, and skills they need to integrate research-based, explicit, systematic, and multi-sensory instruction into their curriculum.

The Theoretical Models of Reading (Gough and Tunmer’s Simple View of Reading, Hollis Scarborough’s The Reading Rope, Linnea Ehri’s The Four Phases of Word Reading, and Seidenberg and McClelland’s The Four Part Processing Model for Word Recognition) are the backbone of our training programs.

By focusing on these research-based models, educators can teach all their students the essential components of literacy such as phonics, phonemic awareness, morphology, word recognition, comprehension, and more!

IMSE's program can address these challenges by teaching students essential literacy skills and how these skills can be used in word recognition and language comprehension.

How it’s used in the classroom

IMSE is the pioneer of pushing Orton-Gillingham into general education. It has been our mission since 1996 to see every classroom incorporate Orton-Gillingham lesson plans.

When we work with a school or district, our staff works with the general classroom teachers, reading interventionists, and special educators so that everyone is speaking the same language. By doing this, students can succeed no matter where they are in school.

One of the main things that IMSE focuses on during its Orton-Gillingham training courses is student assessment.

Differentiated reading instruction is key in the modern classroom. It is our responsibility as educators to assess students and differentiate their instruction according to their needs.

However, IMSE makes that process as easy and systematic as possible. We have an assessment tool that breaks down students’ skills and puts them into those groups.

IMSE offers many tools to help launch Orton-Gillingham and find success as soon as you get back to the classroom. Some of the resources you will receive include:

  • OG Weekly (Email with tips and resources)
  • IMSE training materials and optional practice books
  • Videos on how to organize classrooms
  • Videos on how to assess students
  • Access to the Interactive OG lesson planning app

One of the main benefits of IMSE's program is that it can be used in every classroom in a school. In fact, that's the way it was designed. Students, especially those with learning difficulties, need to have consistent instruction from one classroom to the next. A student in a special education class needs to be getting the same style of instruction when they go to their general education class.

That is why IMSE is dedicated to bringing our approach into all classrooms.

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