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Mission Statement

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Our Mission

IMSE’s mission is to empower districts, schools, teachers, and parents to be agents of change toward equitable literacy instruction for all learners that is driven by research. 

This is accomplished through intellectual conversations driven by data to design and implement curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices. IMSE fosters relationships to help shift a school’s culture to be equitable for all by providing resources for all and advocating for students to all stakeholders. We believe that all students can learn, and all teachers can learn to teach them.

IMSE Mission Allies

These educational organizations support IMSE’s mission, and we support theirs.
If you are interested in becoming a Mission Ally, please email us at, and include your website and mission statement.

IDA’s mission is to create a future for all individuals who struggle with dyslexia and other related reading differences so that they may have richer, more robust lives and access to the tools and resources they need.

The Reading League’s mission is to advance the awareness, understanding, and use of evidence-aligned reading instruction.

The Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) seeks to further evidence-based approaches to reading and learning so that all students acquire the highest levels of literacy and thrive.

Learning Ally provides solutions and a professional community-at-large to support and empower educators in their daily practice and to solve the national literacy problem.

Everyone READING’s goal is to lessen, and eventually eliminate, the stigma associated with dyslexia and LD. We also work to demonstrate to the community that dyslexia and LD can affect anyone–including people with average and above-average intelligence.

​​EarlyBird brings together all the relevant predictors of reading in one easy-to-administer assessment — providing the long-awaited tools to easily, and accurately, identify students at risk of dyslexia and learning challenges earlier, when the window for intervention is most effective.

Raising Hands organizational mission is to decrease the achievement gap that exists in our community by providing high-quality reading instruction both in the classroom and tutoring outside of the classroom to our neediest of students.

Dyslexic Edge is leading a movement to develop future STEM leaders by building confidence in students with dyslexia and equipping educators to help them learn.

The Lucy Project advocates for children who struggle to read and provides full and fair access to evidence-based literacy intervention.

Letters 2 Literacy strives to empower and uplift families by providing early intervention and literacy advancement programs for children, ensuring they have the necessary skills to succeed in school and beyond.