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Level 03 Reading Practice - Initial, Midterm & Final

By Institute for Multi-Sensory Education

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Level 03 (Initial, Midterm, Final)

Scope and Sequence:
  • Initial (ow, ou, igh, Consonant-le)
  • Midterm (ind, ild, ar, or, oo, y as a vowel, soft c, soft g, -dge, tch, aw au oi, oy)
  • Final (ew/grew, eigh/ei, ie, tion, sion, ow, ea, oo)
This book includes:
  • Practice words and sentences for reading
  • Daily recording for word trials (WC)
  • Daily recording for sentence fluency trials (WCPM)
  • Review of learned concepts
  • Lists for sight word practice
Recommended Quantities: 1 per student


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