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Michigan educators have an opportunity to take IMSE training free of charge through the 35d Grant. Find out morehere.


Reading Resources For Parents

kids at table learning orton gillingham approach

At the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education, our goal is to level the playing field in education. We empower all educators with the tools needed to give all learners the gift of reading.

Research has shown by incorporating direct, explicit, sequential, and systematic instruction in the classroom, students are given the best chance at success. When educators introduce new material and concepts using multi-sensory components and the science of reading, they reach all learners.

How IMSE Can Help

Parents are a child's first teacher. IMSE offers support to parents. Reading does not develop naturally. We know that over 60% of children require direct instruction in order to read proficiently. We can help you help your children in the beginning stages of learning how to read.

IMSE offers several types of training, but our parent resources on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are perfect for parents who want to learn more about literacy development. It is essential to understanding how literacy skills are developed and focus on phonological awareness, the most important reading readiness skill for young children.

IMSE is also available to speak or present at local parent or district groups to help raise awareness around the science of reading and the importance of Structured Literacy.

IMSE Practice Books and Resources

If you don't have the time or means to attend an IMSE training, we have many other resources that can assist you. IMSE offers an extensive line of products that help children to write, read, and spell.

From activity books to blending boards and classroom kits, our products can be purchased by anyone.

You will be given instructions for what your child should be working on and when.

IMSE also has a list of tutors that have been certified in the Orton-Gillingham method.

Additionally, our staff and instructors are always adding new content to the IMSE Journal. You will be able to find the latest tips and tricks, education insight, and actionable steps that you can take with your child.

Looking For a Tutor?

Many of IMSE's Instructors and certified members are also tutors in their areas. Please search the list below for a tutor near you. Please contact each tutor individually for pricing.

Partnership with Learning Ally

We are also a proud partner with Learning Ally, a national, non-profit organization that has helped millions of students since 1948, who are blind, dyslexic, or have other learning disabilities, achieve confidence and independence in the classroom and in life. Learning Ally has a large community of tutors nationally. Search their tutor database here!

Search IMSE's tutor list below: