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OG+ Drag & Drop Syllable Division Slide Set

SKU: DD4501


Bright and engaging, interactive Orton-Gillingham drag and drop activity slides. These Google Slides can be used in a teacher-led lesson to introduce a new concept or to individualize student assignments for independent classwork, center work, or homework. Students can use moveable, virtual stickers to mark each word and label the syllable types. These slides align with IMSE’s scope and sequence for syllable division. **New, more user-friendly design.

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Concepts: VC/CV Compound Words with Closed/Closed Syllables, VC/CV Two-Syllable Closed and Open, V/CV Two-Syllable Closed and Open, Two-Consonant Beginning R Blends, Two-Consonant Beginning L Blends, Two-Consonant Beginning S Blends, Ending T Blends, Ending L Blends, Three-Syllable Words, Decoding Words with ng/nk, Magic E, VC/V, Y as a Vowel, Soft C and G, Suffix -ed, Suffix -s/es, ea/ee, ai/ay, oa/oe, Suffix -ing, Three-Consonant Blends and Blends with Digraphs, Schwa, Bossy R: er, Bossy R: ir, Bossy R: ur, V/V, oi/oy, ou/ow, igh, Consonant -le, Bossy R: ar, Bossy R: or, au/aw, Digraph ph, ch (/k/ and /sh), /oo/ (spelled oo and ew), /oo/ (spelled oo and u)