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OG Plus Decodable Readers Fiction Vol. 2 and Nonfiction Vol. 1 - Printed


NEW IMSE Decodable Readers Set A, B and C fiction, volume 2 and nonfiction, volume 1 will help your students build confidence, automaticity, and fluency skills. These engaging books align with the IMSE scope and sequence to provide students the opportunity to apply what they are learning in context. The fiction books are beautifully illustrated and include diverse characters.  Nonfiction books include color photographs that also represent diversity. Each book includes a “Get Ready to Read” section at the beginning with words and phrases from the book that can be practiced before reading the text. Comprehension questions and a writing prompt are included as well. When possible, the fiction and nonfiction books are related through a common theme (e.g., a farm, a vet) included in both selections. Nonfiction books also include a teacher read-aloud section for building vocabulary and background knowledge.

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Set A

  • Kindergarten sequence (m–wh)
  • Fiction Volume 2- 25 Books
  • Nonfiction, Volume 1- 25 Books

Set B

  • Grade 1 sequence (ss, ll, ff, zz through contractions)
  • Fiction Volume 2- 25 Books
  • Nonfiction, Volume 1- 25 Books

Set C 

  • Grade 2 sequence (three-consonant blends through homophones)
  • Fiction Volume 2- 26 Books
  • Nonfiction, Volume 1- 26 Books

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