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Sound Wall Package

See the Sound Wall set up in a classroom HERE

IMSE Sound Wall Features:

  • 44 Sound Wall Cards with Real Mouth Photos: Each card features a one phoneme with its corresponding keyword and eye-catching imagery. Proper articulation is vital for developing strong reading and speaking skills. These cards include pictures of students’ mouths producing each sound, enabling students to mimic the correct articulation, fostering clarity and confidence in their speech.
  • 132 Spelling Cards: With these spelling cards, students can see examples of patterns used in real words and reinforce their understanding of phoneme-grapheme relationships, honing their ability to read and write words accurately. 
  • 148 Picture/Grapheme Cards: Introducing new concepts is made engaging and effective with these colorful cards. Each card features a picture alongside its corresponding grapheme, allowing students to grasp new phonics concepts easily.
  • 30 Student Desktop Charts: Easy access to learning materials is essential for every student's success. These conveniently sized charts can be placed on children’s desks or at a small-group table, providing quick reference points to reinforce student understanding.


Sound Wall Card Dimensions:

  • Category Labels 9.5 x 3 inches
  • Mouth Photo Cards 5 x 7 inches 
  • Picture/Grapheme Cards 5 x 7 inches
  • Spelling Cards 5 x  2 inches

Price: $50.00

Bulk Discounts:
1 : $50.00
1-9 : $50.00
10-30 : $45.00
31-99 : $42.50
100+ : $40.00

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