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IMSE Comprehensive Classroom Posters

By Institute for Multi-Sensory Education


IMSE Classroom Posters:

Set of six classroom posters that provide visual reinforcement in concepts taught during IMSE’s Comprehensive Course.

  • 6 for $19.95
  • Plastic-coded for durability
  • Easy to see letters and pictures
  • 2 Large Posters: 17x22
  • 4 Small Posters: 12x18

Large Poster Descriptions: 17x22 each

  • Short Vowels: This vowel poster provides students with visuals for the most common short vowel sounds. The pictures help reinforce sound/symbol correspondence.
  • Consonant Digraphs: Help reinforce the digraphs sh, ch, th (voiced and unvoiced), wh, and ph with vibrant visual cues that support the concept of two consonant letters that make one sound.

Small Poster Descriptions: 12x18 each

  • Letter Formation: This poster provides visual cues to help children with proper letter formation using an attic, house, and basement as a guide.
  • Reversals:  Beginning readers and writers often make reversals when printing b, d, p, and q. Use this poster along with early intervention and remediation, to help students master proper letter formation for these tricky letters.
  • ss-ll-ff-zz: This poster provides a visual reminder to students who are learning the ss, ll, ff, zz doubling rule such as less, bill, cuff, buzz.
  • c/k: This poster helps reinforce learning with a visual reminder of when to use c or k in English words that have the /k/ sound.

Price: $20.00

Bulk Discounts:
1 : $20.00
10-30 : $18.00
31-99 : $17.00
100+ : $16.00
1-9 : $20.00

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