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OG+ Decodable Fluency Printable Set - K-2 Bundle

OG+ Decodable Fluency Printable K-2 Bundle

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Fluency is the ability to read accurately with speed and prosody.

The OG+ Decodable Fluency Printable Bundle includes a printable book which is formatted to print, cut, and staple and also sentence building cards. Each small book consists of 12 pages to match every concept in the OG+ K-2 scope and sequence along with sentence building cards, to sort and organize into sentences.

We recommend this product for teachers of students in the general education classroom, special education, intervention, EL support, Title 1, and homeschool settings. Explain and assign during small-group instruction and then use during individual work time, center time, or as homework. 
The activities follow the IMSE OG+ K-2 Scope and Sequence.

Word Level Practice
This bundle highlights 5 words matching each concept in the scope and sequence. Single syllable words are presented on a blending board and have colored dots below each grapheme (letter). Students pound the word with their fist, segment each phoneme (sound) by finger tapping the dots, and then slide their finger on the arrow to blend the phonemes (sounds) together into a word. 

Students practice automatic word recognition by reading prefilled Rapid Word Charts for concept words and red words. To keep track of repeated reading, students can color in the 3 stars each time through. 

Sentence Level Practice:
The concept words and red words are combined into a Sentence Pyramid. This gives students repeated practice of words in the sentence by building upon each word. 

Students then practice reading the sentences word by word by pointing to each dot, and then blending the sentence together while touching the arrow. Also included is a page with complete sentences without visual cues.

The five concept sentences are formatted into cards so students can put the cards in the correct order to make a complete sentence. Each card set is colored depending on if it is a concept word or a red word and comes with end punctuation. 

Sentences include words from previously learned concepts so students have more opportunities to practice prior concepts and red words.
The activities in the OG+ Decodable Fluency Printable Bundle follow the IMSE OG+ K-2 scope and sequence.

Kindergarten Set: All letters of the alphabet, long vowels, digraphs (sh, ch, unvoiced/voiced th, and wh)
First Grade Set: Two-Consonant Beginning r Blends, Two-Consonant Beginning l Blends, Two-Consonant Beginning s Blends, Two-Consonant Beginning w Blends, Ending t Blends, Ending l Blends, Remaining Ending Blends, Y as a Vowel (i), -ng/-nk, -ck /k/, -tch /ch/, -dge /j/, Magic E, y as a vowel (e), soft c /s/ and g /j/, Suffix -ed (/id/, /d/, /t/), Suffix -s /s/ or /z/, suffix -es /iz/, Vowel Teams ea/ee, Vowel Teams ai/ay, Vowel Teams oa/oe, Suffix -ing, Contractions 
Second Grade Set: Three-Consonant Blends and Blends with Digraphs, Schwa, Bossy R: er, Bossy R: ir, Bossy R: ur, Diphthongs oi/oy, Diphthongs ou/ow, igh, 3 Great Rules: Doubling, 3 Great Rules: Drop, 3 Great Rules: Change, Consonant -le, Kind Old Words, Bossy R: ar, Bossy R: or, /aw/ spelled au and aw, Contractions, Other Uses for Silent e, Y as a Vowel (i), ph /h/ and gh /f/, ch /k/ and /sh/, /oo/ spelled oo and ew, /oo/ spelled oo and u, Other Bossy R Combinations, Silent Letters, Homophones

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Recommended For: Small Group, Intervention, Centers, EL Support
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