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OG+ Decodable Fluency Slide Bundle - K-2

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Fluency is the ability to read accurately with speed and prosody.

The OG+ Digital Decodable Fluency Slides for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade follow the IMSE OG+ scope and sequence. Each concept includes fluency practice for five concept words, five red words, and five sentences.  

Concept word practice: Five Concept words are presented individually and then placed in a rapid word chart for fluency practice.

Red word practice: Red Words are presented individually and then placed in a rapid word chart for fluency practice.

Sentence practice: Five sentences are presented word by word building upon each other to complete the sentence. Students will practice blending the words together to form a complete sentence.

We recommend this product for teachers of students in the general education classroom, special education, intervention, EL support, Title 1, and homeschool settings. 

Kindergarten Set: The kindergarten set starts with the concept “t” and includes review practice of words containing concepts m, a, l, o, d, h, g, c, d, long vowels, digraphs (sh, ch, unvoiced/voiced th, and wh)

First Grade Set: Two-Consonant Beginning r Blends, Two-Consonant Beginning l Blends, Two-Consonant Beginning s Blends, Two-Consonant Beginning w Blends, Ending t Blends, Ending l Blends, Remaining Ending Blends, Y as a Vowel (i), -ng/-nk, -ck /k/, -tch /ch/, -dge /j/, Magic E, y as a vowel (e), soft c /s/ and g /j/, Suffix -ed (/id/, /d/, /t/), Suffix -s /s/ or /z/, suffix -es /iz/, Vowel Teams ea/ee, Vowel Teams ai/ay, Vowel Teams oa/oe, Suffix -ing, Contractions 

Second Grade Set: Three-Consonant Blends and Blends with Digraphs, Schwa, Bossy R: er, Bossy R: ir, Bossy R: ur, Diphthongs oi/oy, Diphthongs ou/ow, igh, 3 Great Rules: Doubling, 3 Great Rules: Drop, 3 Great Rules: Change, Consonant -le, Kind Old Words, Bossy R: ar, Bossy R: or, /aw/ spelled au and aw, Contractions, Other Uses for Silent e, Y as a Vowel (i), ph /f/ and gh /f/, ch /k/ and /sh/, /oo/ spelled oo and ew, /oo/ spelled oo and u, Other Bossy R Combinations, Silent Letters, Homophones

Slide Count: 7708

Price: $60.00

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Recommended For: Whole Group, Small Group, Intervention
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Grade Levels: Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade
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