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OG+ Printable Phoneme/Grapheme Picture Activity Set

Enhance phonemic awareness and phonics lessons with Phoneme Grapheme Picture CUT-OUTS. Students can use the cut-outs to practice letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, word and sentence building.
Transform whole group and small group spelling instruction by adding Phoneme/Grapheme TILES to your lessons. Students will engage with letter-sound correspondence by building words through a hands-on, predictable routine.

Print multiple sets of Phoneme/Grapheme CARDS to stay organized with each small group. Use the cards during the Three Part Drill for Auditory and Blending practice. Set up a word building center with the blending board mat.
Incorporate Phoneme/Grapheme Writing Mats when introducing the letters of the alphabet, including digraphs. The colorful mats will inspire students to practice proper letter formation, while also showing letter placement of the alphabet.

This set includes content covering the 26 letters of the alphabet as well as digraphs.

What is included:

  • Phoneme Grapheme Picture Cut-Outs (for concepts m-wh)
  • Phoneme/Grapheme Tiles (with visual pictures for concepts m-wh)
  • Phoneme/Grapheme Tiles (without visual pictures for concepts m-wh)
  • Word Building Mat
  • Phoneme/Grapheme Cards (with visual pictures)
  • Phoneme/Grapheme Cards (without visual pictures)
  • Phoneme Grapheme Writing Mats (3 differentiated options)

This product is recommended for beginning readers, EL students, and special education students.

Price: $15.00

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1 : $15.00
10-30 : $13.50
31-99 : $12.75
100+ : $12.00
1-9 : $15.00

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Recommended For: Small Group, Intervention, EL Support
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Grade Levels: Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade
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