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State Credits and College Credits

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IMSE trainings qualify for college or state credit in many states. If you have any questions, please email us at and one of our consultants can guide you. Please see below for a state-by-state list of requirements.

IMSE College Credit Information

IMSE is approved for two graduate credits through the following accredited university. You MUST check with your school district or Department of Education regarding approval/acceptance of graduate credits.

  • You must first complete all hours of the IMSE training to be eligible to purchase credits.
  • You must apply for credits during the same college semester that you complete the IMSE course.


All states:  Teachers MUST check with their school district regarding approval/acceptance of graduate credits.

Ashland University

Participants MUST first complete ALL hours of the IMSE OG training to be eligible to purchase graduate credits. 

The deadline through Ashland University is August 20, 2021.

Comprehensive Training (30-hours) (graduate credit only):

Intermediate Training (30-hours) (graduate credit only):

Phonological Awareness (12.5-hours) (graduate credit only):

  • (1) graduate credit (semester hours)
  • Course Title:MSE Phonological Awareness
  • Fees: $155.00
  • Application Information

Comprehensive Intensive Practicum (graduate credit only):

  • (3) graduate credits (semester hours)
  • Course: IMSE Comp Practicum

Intermediate Intensive Practicum (graduate credit only):

  • (3) graduate credits (semester hours)
  • Course: IMSE Intermed Practicum


  • Employed teachers should speak to their school/district regarding PLUs
  • IMSE is not an approved provider of CEUs for unemployed educators, however, they are still eligible for college credits.


Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDU)

  • Participants from Illinois should reach out to their school to inquire about credits for IMSE courses.


Licensure Renewal Credits

  • Participants are eligible for 2 licensure renewal credits by taking either the IMSE Comprehensive Course or the IMSE Intermediate Course. 
  • Fee: $70 for 2 renewal credits
  • Interested participants should contact no later than the first day of the training.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits

  • Comprehensive Training - 2 CPD Credits
  • Intermediate Training - 2 CPD Credits
  • Phonological Awareness - 1 CPD Credit
  • After completion of the course, participants can request their CPD Completion for Credit Form by emailing


Professional Development Points (PDP)

  • All IMSE Courses are approved for PDPs.
  • Participants should request their PDPs after completion of the IMSE course by emailing
  • Approved provider ID: F201800014


State Continuing Education Clock Hours provided through Schoolcraft College

  • Comprehensive Training (30 hours) - (30 SCECHs)
  • Intermediate Training (30 hours) - (30 SCECHs)
  • Introductory Training (18 hours) - (18 SCECHs)
  • Phonological Awareness (12.5 hours) - (12 SCECHs)
  • Participants should request their SCECHs application forms by emailing
  • Fee: $20 for 30 SCECHs


Continuing Education Units provided through University of Mississippi

  • Comprehensive Training (30 hours) - (3 CEUs)
  • Intermediate Training (30 hours) - (3 CEUs)
  • Introductory Training (18 hours) - (1.8 CEUs)
  • Phonological Awareness (12.5 hours) - (1.2 CEUs)
  • After completion of the course, participants can email to request the online application directions for MS CEUs.
  • Fee: $15


Renewal Units 

  • All IMSE Courses are approved for Montana Renewal Units
  • After completion of the course, email to request your MT Renewal Certificate.


  • Approved Continuing Education Provider for Licensure Renewal

New Jersey

Professional Development Points (PDP)

  • New Jersey DOE does not approve or certify providers. Teachers need to submit their training certificate to their school district for credit.

New York

Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Hours

  • Comprehensive Training (30 hours) - (30 CTLEs)
  • Intermediate Training (30 hours) - (30 CTLEs)
  • Introductory Training (18 hours) - (18 CTLEs)
  • Phonological Awareness (12.5 hours) - (12 CTLEs)
  • After completion of the course, participants can request their CTLE certificate by emailing their date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) and the last four digits of their social security number to 
  • Approved Provider Indentifcation Number: 23481


Professional Development Points (PDP) - Act 48

  • Comprehensive Training (30 hour) - (30 PD Hours)
  • Intermediate Training (30 hour) -(30 PD Hours)
  • Introductory Training (18 hour) - (18 PD Hours)
  • Phonological Awareness (12.5 hour) - (12 PD Hours)
  • To request ACT 48 credits, participants should email their state identification number to after completing the course. 
  • Entity #3311955

There are additional fees associated with some of the above continuing education points, units, or hours. Fees and continuing education credits or units are subject to change without notice. Please email for fee schedule and questions.

ASHA Renewal

Review ASHA’s definition of professional development and acceptable professional development activities to determine the acceptability of the course you’d like to complete.

Please do not send your certificate of attendance to ASHA. ASHA will notify you if you have been randomly selected for audit; only at that time will you need to submit your documentation of participation.