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Welcome to IMSE Impact


More Science. More Structure. More Impact.

The IMSE team is excited to launch our new suite of professional development and instructional programs, IMSE Impact, with classes beginning June 6, 2022.

Why Impact? Because we’ve taken our proven Structured Literacy programs that have helped millions of students learn to read, and made them easier to implement for teachers and more effective for students. This enables teachers to make an impact on improving student literacy on day one.

Find Out How You Can Make an Impact

IMSE is offering information and resources about IMSE Impact for those organizations and individuals who have already participated in an IMSE training, are scheduled to be trained before June 6, 2022, or are new to IMSE. Use the buttons below to jump the sections most relevant to you, or scroll down for the full story of IMSE Impact.

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What is IMSE Impact?

IMSE Impact is a suite of three Structured Literacy evidence-based professional development programs. IMSE Impact includes Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus for grades K-3 and Morphology Plus for grades 3-5, which include aligned student materials and coursework, and Phonological Awareness for all grades, addressing all of the key elements of literacy instruction in the classroom.

You can learn more about each program on our Training Descriptions page. 

What’s New in IMSE Impact?

With IMSE Impact, we’ve taken the leading Structured Literacy program that hundreds of thousands of teachers love and made it even better. 

Updated Scope and Sequence

IMSE has incorporated an updated scope and sequence for its Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus program, introducing easier sounds first so that students can quickly gain confidence. The sequence is still organized so that after four weeks, students are able to start writing words, and after nine weeks, they are able to start writing sentences.

More Comprehensive Lesson Plans

IMSE Impact features more extensive and detailed daily lesson plans to empower educators with a roadmap for teaching literacy. By providing guided routines around each concept, the IMSE Impact programs simplify instruction for the individual teacher while helping ensure program fidelity across a school or district.

More Time for Advanced Topics

IMSE Impact more clearly delineates between its K-3 and 3-5 offerings. In the Morphology Plus program there is an in-depth focus on affixes, greek and latin bases, and direct application to vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension topics. IMSE Impact also includes a Phonological Awareness program that provides educators with a deeper understanding of the sound structure of language and its importance in learning to read.

A Deeper Look at IMSE Impact

If you’d like to learn more about IMSE Impact and how it can help any district, school, or teacher deliver more effective literacy instruction, dive it into our resources below.

  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus Scope and Sequence (coming June 6)
  • Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Plus Sample Lesson Plan (coming June 6)
  • Morphology Scope and Sequence (coming June 6)
  • Morphology Plus Sample Lesson Plan (coming June 6)

Why Choose IMSE Impact? 

IMSE has 25 years of experience in teaching teachers how to teach literacy. From its foundations in bringing the Orton-Gillingham approach to all students, to expanding to broader Structured Literacy programs, and now to IMSE Impact, the IMSE team has been constantly improving the programs. By incorporating the latest Science of Reading findings along with feedback from teachers, schools, and districts, we feel that IMSE Impact will catapult students to be the readers they were meant to be. 

Just like its predecessors, IMSE Impact is different from other Structured Literacy programs in three key areas:

Enables Teachers to Teach on Day One

IMSE Impact features the proven explicit, systematic, and sequential techniques that are the hallmark of effective literacy education in the modern classroom. It gives teachers the ability to effectively improve literacy beginning on day one, supporting teacher development with practical, engaging classroom instruction that is easy to follow and understand.

Helps Students at all Levels

IMSE’s approach to professional development enables teachers to better instruct all students how to read – no matter where they’re starting from – minimizing the need for costly remedial instruction, interventions, or tutoring. IMSE Impact’s comprehensive Structured Literacy programs ensure that from initial assessment onward, students are put on the right path to reading success.

Minimizes Annual Costs

IMSE Impact equips educators with both the theory and practical knowledge of how and why to best teach literacy to all students. Once trained, IMSE educators are able to teach year after year with what they have learned. IMSE provides ongoing support through free engaging digital materials as well as access to trainers and cohort members.

For Those Scheduled for IMSE Training Between January 2022 and June 6, 2022

For those districts, schools and educators who wish to complete their Structured Literacy training before the launch of IMSE Impact on  June 6, IMSE is offering a package of incentives, resources, and new content guides to ensure that educators are fully aligned on the latest Science of Reading research and classroom implementation. 

Today’s training delivers the same proven literacy instruction that it always has, allowing those recently trained to continue teaching with the existing guide or invest just a few hours to become up to date with IMSE Impact. 


Comprehensive Program

  • Differences at a Glance
  • Free New Content Guide*
  • Free New Content Alignment Video*
  • Free Digital Syllable Division Teacher Guide*
  • Free New Decodable Readers PDF*
  • Free Interactive O-G. 2.0 through June 2023*
  • Discount on New Teacher’s Guides*
  • Discounts on Select Products*

Intermediate Program

* Available after June 6th in your IMSE Profile

For IMSE-Trained Districts, Schools and Teachers

IMSE Impact Structured Literacy Programs update and expand our current proven literacy professional development and classroom programs that educators have been trained in. While the new programs simplify learning for the students and classroom planning for the teachers, we believe that those trained in IMSE’s current program can continue delivering effective instruction now and in the future.


Comprehensive Program

Intermediate Program

* Available after June 6th in your IMSE Profile

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