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IMSE Mission

Morphology Plus Virtual



Training Dates

May 13 - 17, 2024


8:00 AM - 3:30 PM MT, 1-Virtual
United States


The IMSE Morphology Plus 30-hour course is a hands-on, interactive, and personalized class that provides a complete understanding of morphology, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension and how to apply it in the classroom. After participating in this accredited Structured Literacy course, teachers will have an understanding of the structure and foundation of the English language.  Educators will have an understanding of where to begin instruction with students with dyslexia as well as students in all three tiers of RTI.  Teachers will be able to evaluate and teach students in morphology, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Teachers will also have access to the asynchronous IMSE Writing and Grammar course to help assess and teach writing and grammar to students. Teachers will also have access to an asynchronous video that demonstrates instructional strategies for teaching older students to encode (spell) and decode (read) phonetic words, how to spell irregular words, and a syllable division method. This course is appropriate for students who have word recognition and spelling skills but struggle with comprehension. Upon completion of this course, teachers are eligible to purchase 2 graduate credits.

General and special education teachers grades 3-5 as well as teachers whose students can read and spell but continue to struggle with language comprehension. This course can also be taken by any educator who wants to learn more about instruction in morphology, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. This course will include an asynchronous piece on writing and grammar.


  • Gain knowledge about the Science of Reading and the History of the English language. 
  • Gain knowledge about students with reading difficulties including dyslexia.
  • Understand how EL students can cognate to help learn English.
  • Administer various types of  assessments. 
  • Implement and create structured literacy lessons on morphology, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.


  • Morphology Plus Training Manual by IMSE
  • Morphology Teacher’s Guides (3) by IMSE
  • Morphology Plus Student Passages (3 PDFs) by IMSE
  • The Comprehension Blueprint by Nancy Hennessey
  • Vocabulary Handbook by Linda Diamond and Linda Gutlohn
  • IMSE Morpheme Card Pack 
  • Morphology Plus Practice Packet
  • Procedural Routine Flip Chart
  • IMSE’s Writing and Grammar Manual, practice packet, and webinar
  • Morphology + Encoding and Decoding Plus Digital Course
  • Teacher Guide Spelling 3rd Grade Plus


  • Computer with a camera and sound (an iPhone/iPad or similar devices are not recommended)
  • 5 highlighters (yellow, green, pink, purple, blue)
  • Sticky notes

**For virtual training, one person per device, per room for this training in order to ensure the quality of the training and full participation. Breakout rooms will be selected at random.

The Morphology Plus course along with the other IMSE Impact Courses, and the IMSE Practicum will help teachers prepare to take the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) Knowledge and Practice Examination for Effective Reading Instruction (KPEERI) to obtain a Structured Literacy (SLCT) Classroom Teacher Certificate.  CERI is a subsidiary of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). 

Please note that materials and shipping are included in the cost of the course. 


Monday-Friday 8:00-3:30 MT

Day 1 of your training- please login by 7:00 am to ensure that you do not have any tech problems. You will be placed in a waiting room until 8:00 am. 

-Your instructor will discuss how breaks and lunch will fit into your days.

-Plan on 6 hours of instruction per day.

-Zoom link will be sent out prior to the training.

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Cancellation, No-Show, Make-Up And Transfer Policies:

Cancellations and no shows: If you cancel 15 days or more prior to the start date of your training, you must return any course materials in good condition and you or your district will be charged a $100 cancellation fee. If you cancel 14 days or less prior to the start date of your training, you will be charged a $200 fee plus the cost of return shipment for your materials. If you are a no show for your training once the training has started, your voucher is considered used and will not be refunded. If you do not show for your scheduled training once the training has started, but wish to move to another training date, you will be charged a $400 fee.

Transfers: If you need to transfer your registration to a later training date, IMSE is happy to do that 15 days or more prior to the start date of your original training. Within 14 days of the original training start date,the fee to transfer is $100. If you wish to transfer on the original start date of your training, or later, this is considered a no show and you will be charged $400. If you need to transfer between training course types, you will also be responsible for the cost of return shipment for your original course materials.

Make up days: If a participant needs to make up a day of training, there will be a $100 fee. Additional days will be $150.

The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education reserves the right to cancel. If IMSE must cancel, 100% of the training fee will be refunded.

While IMSE makes every effort to conduct professional learning events on the dates and locations advertised, they are subject to change without prior notice. IMSE reserves the right to change or cancel a professional development event due to low enrollment or factors beyond your control. We will attempt to notify registrants to limit customer inconvenience but we are not liable for any expenses incurred.