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SWIFT Reading Program: Section 4 Flashcards and Assessments - Digital Download

SKU: DD1024


This package contains 135 high frequency word flashcards, 76 high frequency noun flashcards, and 525 phrase flashcards. The materials are organized into 33 sets in correspondence with the phoneme concept order in Section 4 of Recipe for Reading, beginning at the phoneme concept eaAlso included are assessments for appropriate student placement within the program along with methods for instructional guidance.  A lesson plan that correlates with IMSE’s Introducing a New Concept is included in the purchase. All materials can be downloaded and printed.



• High Frequency Word Flashcards (sets 33-55)
• High Frequency Noun Flashcards (Sets 33-55)
• Phrase Flashcards (Sets 33-65)
• Divider Cards (for organization of materials)
• Assessment Materials 
• Lesson Plan 
• Methods 
• Full Instructions for Downloading and Printing

• Individual student graph