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IMSE Customizable Morphology Slide Set - Greek Bases

SKU: DD4810


Engaging and animated, minimal-prep lessons that can be used either for remote instruction or classroom instruction. This set includes 6,039 Intermediate Level Orton-Gillingham slides.  These Google Slideshow Lesson Templates align with IMSE’s scope and sequence. Each lesson includes the Three-Part Drill, Introduction to a New Concept, and Complete Morphology Lessons with Word Webs, Word Sums, and Word Trees. Customizable word and sentence dictation, Red Word, and syllabication slides come with the appropriate bundle. Great for students in the general education setting, intervention setting, or home-school setting. 

Purchasing the Google Slide Lesson Templates allows the teacher to download and replicate them for their use. They are for single use only and not to be shared.

Some tips for use!

  • Use these lessons as a customizable template. Add words to the blending board and additional cards to the visual drill.
  • These templates will get you started on the basic parts of Orton-Gillingham. Make copies of each lesson to do additional lessons on the new concept throughout the week.
  • Add your own Red Words to the Red Word Slides.
  • Use IOG or IMSE's Practice Books for daily word dictation. Insert an image of the student dictation paper for each day based on the words and sentences you choose.


  • Includes 6,039 slides
  • Concepts: phon, photo, graph, gram, aut(o), tele, log(o), logy, biblio, bio, hydr, scop(e), phobia, arch, crat, cracy, poli, chron, meter, metr, micro, path, psych, ortho, ped, pod, aero, sphere, cycl(e), mono, di, tri, tetra, pent(a), hex, hept(a), oct, ennea, dec(a)
  • Three-Part Drill 
  • Complete Morphology Lessons: Word Webs, Word Sums, and Word Trees for every concept
  • Customizable Word Dictation Sentence Dictation
  • Customizable Red Word templates
  • Customizable syllabication templates