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School Administrators


Since 1996, IMSE’s goal has always been to bring effective literacy instruction based on the science of reading into every classroom. Having a research-based teaching method that is explicit, sequential, and systematic is one of the surest ways we can ensure that every child is taught to read.

IMSE has spent decades perfecting our accredited method and making sure every school and district can implement it seamlessly. We will continue to stay dedicated to ensuring every child can find success in reading.

We're able to do that by customizing our programs and training sessions to meet the specific needs of your school or district. We often talk about differentiation for students, but IMSE takes pride in using that same tactic when looking at schools or districts.

We understand each school or district we encounter has different issues and challenges at hand. Our team of experts work directly with the school throughout the entire process to ensure all questions are answered and a good professional development plan is in place to help your teachers and students succeed!

You will have an extensive support system at your disposal that includes:

  • Supporting materials
  • Practicum programs
  • Online and in-person refreshers
  • Customized content
  • Classroom consultations
  • OG Weekly (weekly tips and tricks email)
  • Interactive OG lesson planning app
  • IMSE Assess assessment and tracking app
  • IMSE Journal

And if you’re wondering how or where to start, IMSE will work with you to develop a plan that ensures you are implementing our program effectively.

Our staff is here for anything you need before, during, or after the program has been implemented.

Our District Trainer program allows your school to have a teacher certified in IMSE training. That teacher can then assist, educate, and train the rest of the teachers.

Our training schedule is also very flexible. We have options for:

  • Virtual or On-Site Training
  • Summer or School Year Training
  • Weekend Training
  • Evening Training

If you need any additional accommodations, IMSE will do everything we can to meet them.

District Case Studies

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