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OG+ Customizable Slide Set - Second Grade

SKU: DD4301


Engaging and animated, pre-made Orton-Gillingham lessons for general education, intervention, tutoring, or home-school settings. Bright, large illustrations incorporated throughout lessons can be used to support EL students. These lessons align with IMSE’s scope and sequence for second grade. Each lesson includes the Three-Part Drill, a Vowel Intensive, and New Concept with supporting images. IMSE Decodable Readers, Dictation reminders, Customizable Red Word slides, and Syllabication slides come with the appropriate lessons. Lessons can be used with an interactive board, a projector, a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or a tablet.
Purchasing the slides allows the teacher to download and replicate them for their use. They are for single use only and not to be shared.

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Some tips for use!

  • Grapheme Cards and words for blending are pre-made for each lesson, but teachers may opt to add, remove, or edit grapheme cards and words included
  • You will receive a PDF menu of lessons. Click on the title of the concept you are teaching. Any edits you make will save to your version of the file in your Drive. You may rename and organize your edited versions of each lesson in your Drive. You can continue to create new copies of the original lesson by using the original lesson links included on the PDF menu.
  • Customize red words for each class/group of students
  • Use the OG+ Drag & Drop Dictation Slide Set, IOG 2.0, or IMSE's Practice Books for daily word dictation. Insert an image of the student dictation paper for each day based on the words and sentences you choose.

Second Grade Set: Three-Consonant Blends and Blends with Digraphs, Schwa, Bossy R: er, Bossy R: ir, Bossy R: ur, Diphthongs oi/oy, Diphthongs ou/ow, igh, 3 Great Rules: Doubling, 3 Great Rules: Drop, 3 Great Rules: Change, Consonant -le, Kind Old Words, Bossy R: ar, Bossy R: or, /aw/ spelled au and aw, Contractions, Other Uses for Silent e, Y as a Vowel (i), ph /h/ and gh /f/, ch /k/ and /sh/, /oo/ spelled oo and ew, /oo/ spelled oo and u, Other Bossy R Combinations, Silent Letters, Homophones