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SWIFT Reading Readers and Running Records - Digital Download

This package includes controlled vocabulary readers for providing additional practice with the high frequency words and nouns in context. The engaging stories are formatted without illustrations, allowing students to focus on reinforcing word recognition.  They then provide a means for students to demonstrate word understanding by illustrating their own reader. They can be used for homework, independent reading, and/or building home libraries.

The same passages are also formatted on one page to be used for developing fluency through repeated reading.These passages can then be used for assessing oral reading rate, assessing errors and cold/hot reads.

Student Readers
• Running Records, both student copy and teacher record sheet with word counts
• Methods for Student Readers
• Because running records can be used in a variety of ways depending on a teacher’s purpose, a method is not included
• Full Instructions for Downloading and Printing

Price: $20.00

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