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IMSE Impact Phonological Awareness Training


IMSE Phonological Awareness Training

12.5 Hours

IMSE Impact Phonological Awareness training provides educators with a deeper understanding of phonological awareness and its importance in learning to read. After this training, educators will better understand assessing and teaching phonological awareness to students of all ages in all three tiers of Response to Intervention (RTI).

The IMSE Impact Phonological Awareness Training is a 12.5-hour course that provides educators with a deeper understanding of phonological awareness and its importance in learning to read.

An asynchronous version of this course is now available! You can purchase this video course and take at your own pace. Participants who choose to take the LIVE-Virtual or Asynchronous Training will receive the same content and physical materials as our in-person training.


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This Course Is For

All teachers who want a deeper understanding of phonological awareness, the importance of orthographic mapping, and phonemic awareness.

Participants Will
  • Current research and the importance of phonological awareness
  • Terminologies such as orthographic mapping, orthographic lexicon, and phonemic awareness
  • Correct production of the 44 sounds of the English language
  • How to assess students in phonemic awareness
  • How to incorporate multi-sensory strategies in activities
  • How to implement one-minute phonemic awareness activities
Materials Provided
  • IMSE Phonological Awareness Manual and practice packet
  • Equipped for Reading Success by Dr. David Kilpatrick
  • Tokens
  • Mirror
  • Sounds of the English language video

The Phonological Awareness course along with the other IMSE Impact Courses, and the
IMSE Practicum will help teachers prepare to take the Center for Effective Reading
Instruction (CERI) Knowledge and Practice Examination for Effective Reading Instruction
(KPEERI) to obtain a Structured Literacy (SLCT) Classroom Teacher Certificate. CERI is a
subsidiary of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). 

Please note that materials and shipping are included in the cost of the course. 


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Participants Will Evaluate and Teach Students

Phonological Awareness | the awareness that words are composed of sounds and those sounds have distinct articulatory features

Alphabet Awareness | knowledge of individual letter names, sounds, and shapes

Letter Recognition | the ability to recognize a letter in a group

Sound Recognition | the ability to recognize the sounds of a letter or letter combination

After participating in this training, teachers will have a deeper understanding of how
to assess and teach phonological awareness to students in all three tiers of RTI. This
training is also available for on-site staff development.

Upon completing this course, you may apply for 1 hour of graduate credit through
Ashland University.

Phonological Awareness Products

From customizable Google Slides to classroom posters, we offer a variety of
products to help you implement what you’ve learned in your classroom.

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