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Level 01 Reading Practice - Initial, Midterm & Final

SKU: RS3440

By Institute for Multi-Sensory Education


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Reading Practice Book: Student Book


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Level 01 (Initial, Midterm, and Final)


Scope and Sequence:

-Initial (single consonants; common consonant digraphs; short and long vowels: closed and open syllables)

-Midterm (compound words; -ss,-ll,-ff,-zz; initial and final blends )

-Final (-ng and -nk endings; suffix -ed; magic e; ph; -ck; vowel teams: ea, oa, ai)

This book includes:

-Practice words and sentences for reading  

-Daily recording for reading word trials (WC)

-Daily recording for sentence fluency trials (WCPM)

-Review of learned concepts

-Lists for sight word practice

64 Pages

Recommended Quantities:  1 per student